Our Clients

  • Advance Care Hospital of Fort Smith
  • Advance Care Hospital of Hot Springs
  • Advanced Care Hospital of White County
  • Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital
  • Gaylord Hospital
  • Griffin Hospital
  • Hospital for Special Care of New Britain
  • Saint Mary's Health System
  • Columbus Speciality Hospital Inc.
  • Southern Crescent Hospital for Speciality Care
  • Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital
  • Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital
  • Resurrection Health Care
  • Ballard Nursing Center
  • Holy Family Medical Center
  • Home Health Joliet
  • Home Health Elgin
  • Home Health Kankakee
  • Hospice Elgin
  • Hospice Urbana
  • Home Health Chicago
  • Heritage Village
  • Our Lady of Victory
  • Maryhaven Nursing & Rehab Center
  • McCauley Manor
  • Pine View Center
  • Resurrection Nursing & Rehab Center
  • Resurrection Life Center
  • Saint Benedict Nursing & Rehab Center
  • Villa Scalabrini Nursing & Rehab Center
  • Continuing Care Hospital at St. Luke's Hospital
  • Catholic Health Initiatives
  • CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Alexandria
  • Dubuis Hospital of Lake Charles
  • Dubuis Hospital of Shreveport
  • Fundamental LTC
  • Saints Medical Center
  • CareLink of Jackson
  • McLaren Bay Special Care
  • Pioneer Specialty Hospital
  • Sparrow Hospital
  • Mercy Continuing Care Hospital
  • Advanced Care Hospital of Montana
New Mexico
  • Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico
  • Speciality Hospital of Albuquerque
South Carolina
  • Greenville Hospital System
  • Christus Continuing Care
  • CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont
  • CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Bryan
  • CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Paris
  • CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Port Arthur
  • Dubuis Hospital of Corpus Christi
  • Dubuis Hospital of Texarkana System
  • Laredo Specialty Hospital
  • Mesquite Specialty Hospital
  • Utah Valley Specialty Hospital
  • University of Virginia
  • Centra Specialty Hospital
  • Regional Hospital of Seattle

What Our Clients are Saying

Tracey Richard, VP Operations, CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System/CHRISTUS Continuing Care

“With Vindicet everyone involved in processing referrals - clinical liaisons, insurance verification, coders, medical staff - has immediate access to the same patient information as it is gathered in the field. It's become an essential tool allowing us to share resources across different facilities at different locations.”

Michael Batchelor, President, North Greenville Hospital

“It is critical to the sustainability of our continuum to ensure we have the right patient, right place, and at the right time. The Vindicet product will further validate these must haves by providing real time information so we can make appropriate decisions, and deliver care in a more cost effective and efficient manner. The Vindicet team is remarkable to partner with, and their delivery of services is always on-time.”

William Fox, CEO, The Specialty Hospital of Albuquerque

“The Vindicet program has been terrific. It really has decreased our turn around time on admissions. It gives us instant access to make an efficient informed decision in order to provide our customers with excellent service while tracking trends for improvement”

Keith Bakken, MS, RN, System Director Provider Relations, Provena Health – Resurrection Health Care

“We appreciate that Vindicet provides for us a variety of indespensable Referral reports. It is important that these reports not take all day to create. With Vindicet, the reports are 2-3 clicks to value and that is significant.”

Lisa Landreth, NGMC Director, Business Operations, North Greenville Hospital

“The Vindicet implementation was the smoothest in which I have been involved in my 20 years of healthcare experience. The level of support from Vindicet from the contract phase through the end-user training was extraordinary. The responsiveness of the Vindicet representatives was excellent and in most instances provided immediate actions and results. It is rare to find an information systems company that has both a great product and a wonderful support system.”

Linda DiDonato, Admissions Nurse Evaluator, Hospital for Special Care

“I just wanted to let you know how much time Vindicet Patient Match saved me in managing cross coverage for time off I took recently. I was able to give a verbal report to my colleauge Betty within 20 minutes. And since we both have access to the Vindicet system she already had all of my patients accessible to her without any extra effort. Formerly, I had to save all my active patients to documents and E-Mail the Reports Of Contact. This step, which could take a couple of hours or more dependent upon the case load, was totally eliminated. I printed off the list of all the patients. I had my active patients "starred" and I went down the list to discuss my patients with Betty. It has been an extremely busy month for me, so this was perfect timing.”

Jeff Axt, IT Project Manager, Hospital for Special Care

“After a recent Joint Commission Audit we identified additional patient history information that we needed to collect on every new admission. Updating our existing HIS would have taken weeks and cost a boatload of money, but with the Vindicet System's web-based admin interface I just logged in, defined the field and had the updated form pushed out to all of the admitting staff in literally minutes.”