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Essential Benchmarking and Trend Analysis for LTACs
Vindicet's CEO, Yann Beullan and CMO, Dr. Joseph Padula, discuss the essential roles that benchmarking and trend analysis should play in LTAC's becoming data-driven organizations.
Negotiating from Value
Both CMS and private payers are tying reimbursements to value. But what they mean by “value” can be a moving target. In order to effectively negotiate with payers, hospitals must be able to define and defend their own “value story.” And the hospital CFO is in a unique position to do this.

Business Development

Increasing Census through Better Collaboration
Yann Beaullan, CEO and founder of Vindicet and former top executive at Aetna, discusses how LTACs can use better care coordination to get more business from ACOs and large health systems.
Finding Your Place in an ACO
Post-care providers and LTACS in particular, will need to give careful thought on how to navigate the changes, and opportunities, that ACOs will bring.

Process Improvement

A Practical Approach to Patient Placement & Care Coordination.
Presence Life Connections was awarded a McKnight's Bronze award for their innovative use of Vindicet for care coordination and patient placement.
HIStalk Interviews Yann Beaullan-Thong, CEO, Vindicet
Vindicet CEO Yann Beaullan-Thong talks with HIStalk about company direction as well as the importance of offering clients solutions they can afford.
5 thoughts keeping CEOs up at night »
Based on conversations with hospital CEOs, healthcare consulting firm Huron Healthcare ranks the top 5 issues keeping healthcare leaders up at night.

Product Literature

VHDS Dashboards
VHDS contains over a dozen dashboards monitoring important clinical, financial and quality metrics.
VHDS Product Sheet
Vindicet's health data system (VHDS) is a performance management reporting system designed exclusively for long term acute care hospitals. With VHDS you can identify areas for improvement, establish realistic targets and track your progress against goals.