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5 Thoughts Keeping Hospital CEOs Up at Night


Based on conversations with hospital CEOs, healthcare consulting firm Huron Healthcare ranks the top 5 issues keeping healthcare leaders up at night. Vindicet’s collaboration platform provides an “out of the box”, but practical approach to getting a good night’s sleep!


An immense amount of market driven and reform-driven change is coming. How will I prioritize the various cost and quality imperatives my organization will need to accomplish to thrive?

Vindicet’s Patient Management System (VPMS) lets you consolidate multiple business processes into a single “collaboration platform” that is less costly to maintain and better able to respond to changing requirements.


How will I reach beyond the walls of my hospital to public health authorities, non-profit groups and others? How will I engage these key community partners in helping to improve the health of the patient populations my hospital serves?

VPMS tracks patients as they move between care providers within your system, and has the option to track the patients after they leave your system as well. Track your population as patients, members and customers!


How will I move my organization toward true clinician alignment and integrated care delivery?

Our web-based collaboration platform allows Clinicians and Case Managers in acute, post acute and primary care to share patient information in a secure manner, whenever and wherever needed.


What does “accountable care “mean for my hospital? Are market and reform forces moving us towards population health management in a broad sense, or should we focus on the creation of integrated care models for certain populations?

VPMS was designed with flexibility and ever changing government regulation in mind. We can accommodate your organization with a simple collaboration and patient tracking system and augment it with population management or disease management tools as needed.


How will I effectively lead my organization through the transition from the volume-base payment model to a value-based payment model?

You need to become a data driven organization that can track your patient’s overall outcome through the entire continuum. Data collected through VPMS’ integrated process tools is available for real-time reporting, benchmarking and corrective-action processes .

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