Patient Management for Post-Care

The VINDICET PATIENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (VPMS) gives you the tools you need to provide outstanding service to your referring customers, demonstrate your successful outcomes, and streamline your operations. It’s a secure, web-based, HIPAA compliant system that brings everyone responsible for preadmissions, intake and patient tracking together into a single platform.

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In use today by over 50 LTACs, SNFs, Hospices, and IRFs, VPMS has processed more than 150,000 referrals and has been recognized in the industry for it's innovative approach.

Business Development

VPMS combines Patient Referral Management with Outcomes Reporting. You can process more referrals, more quickly, with fewer resources. As patients are admitted and discharged you can track the key clinical and operational metrics you need to demonstrate your successful outcomes to your referrers, as well as other key stakeholders.

VPMS integrates your team and work processes into a single platform so you can focus on improving your business.

Increase efficiency

Improve your Outcomes & Reduce RTAs

Care Coordination

Better Placement

Vindicet’s referral and patient management tracking lets you manage high risk patient populations over time and across multiple locations. During preadmission screening, centralized bed placement specialists use customizable criteria to identify high risk patients and ensure they are placed in the most appropriate clinical setting.

Better Hand-Offs

Vindicet's "multi-hop" architecture lets you track patients and patient groups as they move through your different levels of care. At each step you can track key clinical and financial milestones and ensure that care givers are prepared for a smooth hand-off.

LTCH Quality Reporting

Vindicet’s LTCH CARE Set Reporting module takes a unique approach to managing admission and discharge assessment reporting for the CMS LTCH Quality Reporting program — eliminating the need to use CMS' LASER software while letting you get value from the information you collect.

Manage Your Process

Vindicet gives you control over your data collection process. Required quality reporting data can be incorporated into assessments delivered through our referral and patient management modules. Since information is gathered during existing business processes you reduce the need for additional FTEs and costly data double-entry.

A central management dashboard allows for tracking the assessment completion, approval and submission process from one location. For systems managing multiple facilities or locations this provides additional opportunity for reducing the costs associated with compliance.

Get Value from Your Data

Vindicet’s web-based architecture means all admission and discharge assessment is available for reporting as soon as it is entered. Real-time reports include indicator-level summaries for individual facilities, or internal benchmarking for multiple facilities in a system.

What Questions Can You Answer with VPMS?

For Clients

Referring Hospitalist, Discharge Planners and Social Workers, ACO executives

For Marketing

Internal Marketing & Business Development Team

For Management

Senior Management Team

Where were my referred patients discharged to?

What were their LOS and Admission vs Discharge DRGs?

What do discharge outcomes look like for specific medical programs I am referring to?

Where is my business coming from? Which institutions? Which providers and discharge planners?

What are my conversion rates between referral and admission?

Why did I not take the patients we declined? How do I quantify my loss of business?

Are patients staying within my system, after they leave my facility?

How effective is the pre-admission team in preparing us for the admission?

Which of my programs are getting the most and least admissions?

How do I demonstrate to my referrers our areas of expertise?